Majestic Star workers to casino Board member: Help keep the middle class intact in Northwest Indiana!

[Chicago] – On Tuesday, August 20, casino workers from the Majestic Star Casino in Gary, Indiana are delegating Cezar “Cid” Froelich, one of four managers on the Board of Managers governing Majestic Holdco, which owns the casino. Workers are asking Froelich to ensure that casino jobs at Majestic Star stay good, family-supporting jobs through a fair contract at work. Collective bargaining agreements covering around 300 Majestic Star workers expired on October 31, 2012.

Casinos like the Majestic Star were approved by political leaders based on the promise they would bring stable jobs to hard-hit areas like Northwest Indiana. Workers at the Majestic Star receive low-cost, high quality healthcare, which is free for individuals and only $45 a month for families. Workers haven’t had raises since 2011.

“We’ve fought hard to make these good, middle class jobs in Indiana,” said Majestic Star utility worker Cora Sutton. “We just want decent wages and to keep our benefits intact for our families.”

The Majestic Star laid-off 80 employees without advance notice to workers in November 2012. Laid-off employees worked in departments throughout the casino and some had worked at Majestic Star for as long as sixteen years.

Froelich is the chairman and founding member of Shefsky & Froelich Ltd., a Chicago-based law firm. He devotes a substantial portion of his professional time representing clients in the gaming industry.


UNITE HERE Local 1 represents approximately 15,000 hospitality workers and casino workers in the Chicago area and Northwest Indiana.