Chicago’s parade of protests

As NATO leaders and protesters head this way, let it be noted that Chicago launched the most imitated street demonstration of all.

Each year on May 1, myriad trade unionists and socialists parade through cities around the world, commemorating an 1886 procession on Michigan Avenue by workers fighting for an eight-hour day.

Revenge of the Lunch Ladies

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how our public school lunch program has been systematically starved of both money and time—to the point that kids now get a median of 25 minutes, and often quite a bit less, to wolf down lunch.

Chicago school-lunch workers win raises

Chicago Public School lunchroom workers will receive a 2 percent raise for at least two years and see a five-year freeze on converting “cooking” kitchens to “warming kitchens” under a deal announced Thursday.

CPS, Lunchroom Workers Reach Deal

A new labor deal could impact what Chicago kids eat at school.

After two months of negotiations, lunchroom workers reached a five-year contract agreement with Chicago Public Schools to serve fresh-cooked food in cafeterias.

“Chicago Public Schools has listened to us,” says Constance Hatchett, a CPS cook.