We Are One – Rally For Workers’ Rights

UNITE HERE stands in Solidarity with workers in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio and dozens of other states where politicians funded by billionaires like the Kochs or the Pritzker, who run Hyatt, are trying to take away the hard-won rights of working people in this country. Please join us on Saturday, April 9, 12:00pm at the Hyatt Regency Chicago at the intersection of Wacker and Stetson.We will leave from this location at 12:30pm to join Chicago in a rally to defend workers’ rights.

It is time for Illinois to stand together and speak out with one voice against the assault on workers’ rights underway in Wisconsin, Ohio, Missouri, Indiana and too many other states across this country.

April 4 is the anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who was assassinated as he joined with striking sanitation workers — members of AFSCME — in the fight for dignity and justice. The hundreds of thousands who have marched and rallied in defense of collective bargaining over these past weeks are part of an unbroken chain that runs from Memphis in 1968 to Madison in 2011. All of us in Illinois who unite to defend the middle class against unbridled corporate power are links in that chain too.

During the week of April 4, rallied will be held in cities all across Illinois, as well as community education and outreach events, culminating in an all-Illinois rally in downtown Chicago on Saturday, April 9.

Please join us!