Chicago’s “Hands Off Pants On” Ordinance

UNITE HERE Local 1 led the fight for a Chicago ordinance to protect workers against sexual harassment and assault from guests. To see more about our campaign, check out our HOPO website.

What does the ordinance do?

  • Requires hotel employers to provide a “panic button” to hotel workers assigned to clean or restock guest rooms or restrooms alone, including hotel housekeepers. A panic button is a portable emergency contact device that a hotel worker can quickly activate to summon prompt, on-scene assistance by a hotel security officer, manager or other appropriate hotel staff member designated by the hotel employer.
  • Requires hotel employers to develop, maintain and comply with a written anti-sexual harassment policy, which shall:
    • Encourage hotel workers to report instances of sexual harassment and assault by a guest
    • Describe the procedure that a hotel worker and hotel employer will follow when a hotel worker reports sexual harassment or assault by a guest
    • Afford hotel workers the right to stop work and leave the immediate area where danger is perceived and be assigned to work on a different floor or work area away from the offending guest.
  • Prohibits hotel employers from retaliating against a hotel worker for reporting sexual harassment or assault by a guest, using the panic button, or exercising any other right afforded by the ordinance.

Check out these cards in English, Spanish and Chinese for enforcing your rights under the Hands Off Pants On law!