You Have the Right to Join a Union 


Federal law protects your rights as a worker to:

  • Attend meetings about organizing a Union
  • Read and distribute Union literature in non-work areas during non-work times
  • Talk about the Union at work, as long as your employer allows employees to discuss other non work-related issues
  • Sign a Union authorization card
  • Sign petitions or file grievances about wages and working conditions
  • Ask other employees to support a Union and to sign authorization cards


It is ILLEGAL for your Employer to:

  • Threaten, harass, discipline or fire employees for your protected Union activity (any of the activities listed above)
  • Favor workers that do no support the Union with awards, promotions, better schedules etc.
  • Reduce benefits and privileges to discourage Union activity
  • Promise a pay increase or other benefit if you agree to oppose the Union
  • Question you about your Union support or activity in any way that intimidates you
  • Spy on protected Union activities



  • Do not try to begin a Union organizing campaign and do not talk about Unions at work without the guidance of organizers from an experienced Union
  • It is common for Employers to break labor laws, so make sure to contact organizers from an experienced Union before taking any actions, even if they are protected by law


I think my workplace should organize a Union, what should I do?

  • If you work in a Hotel, Cafeteria, Restaurant, or Casino in the Chicago area, contact Unite Here Local 1 at ____________________
  • If you work in another industry, do an Internet search that includes your industry, city and the word “union.” Contact the Union that seems most likely to represent workers like you.