Waldorf-Astoria and Palomar Hotel Workers Join Local 1

Welcome to the workers at two of Chicago’s top-rated hotels, who have become members of UNITE HERE Local 1!  At the Waldorf-Astoria and the Palomar Hotel, nearly 300 workers have joined our Union, adding to our growing strength at Local 1.  

At the Waldorf-Astoria, the victory caps a three month organizing effort in which over 80% of the workers signed Union Cards to become members due to the leadership of a strong committee representing every department.

After months of organizing, Palomar Hotel workers went public in March 2012. Over 75% of the workers signed Union Cards in five days! Workers stood strong in the face of an aggressive anti-union campaign by the company, in which the company refused to honor the card check neutrality agreement: workers were pulled into one-on-one meetings with general managers and were given enormous wage increases; workers reported intimidation and restaurant workers were told the hotel restaurant would close. Over six months, workers stuck together and fought hard: they wore t-shirts, published their pictures, and delegated management multiple times to win recognition. After months of hard work, Palomar Hotel workers won card check recognition.

Congratulations to our new brothers and sisters in Local 1!