Hudson Midway workers ratify first union contract

HudsonMDW1stOn April 11, 2014 Hudson News workers at Midway Airport ratified their first union contract covering about 70 workers. Hudson Midway workers joined the union in an effort to remedy the disparity between working conditions for airport workers at O’Hare Airport versus workers at Midway Airport. Just last December, Alderman Howard Brookins (21st ward) spearheaded a resolution calling for a hearing to examine why Hudson News, a retail operator at both airports, was not treating all of its workers equally. This new contract resolves the inequality issue between the airports for Hudson News workers.

The three-year contract provides sick days, affordable health care, and up to a 40% increase in take home pay for some workers. Additionally, the contract establishes a joint labor-management committee to ensure that everyone’s rights are respected in the workplace and to deal with operational issues.

Congratulations to Hudson Midway committee Laverne Jordan, Ovideo Jimenez, Lavinia Clark, Deborah Robinson, Betty Beeman, and Ebelia Hernandez.