Healthy Local 1

Thousands of Local 1 members may lose health insurance coverage due to COVID. Healthy Local 1 is a program to make sure members find the best healthcare option available to them.

Fill out this questionnaire and Local 1 will reply within 1-2 weeks to recommend which health insurance alternative might be best for you and your family:

Questionnaire:   Click here for ENGLISH.   Click aquí para ESPAÑOL.

Click here for 中文 CHINESE.    Click here for हिन्दी भाषा Hindi.

Have questions about what healthcare option is best for you? Check out our guide to Healthy Local 1 Frequently Asked Questions.

Considering a FQHC but not sure if you qualify for financial assistance? Read our guide on Federally Qualified Health Center Sliding Scale payment.

Applying for Medicaid? Here is a step-by-step Medicaid Application Guide.