Planning to enroll in Super Saver? Sign the SUPER SAVER PLEDGE. Click HERE.

Filling out this form does NOT register you for the program. You will still have to enroll and pay starting December 5th.

Click HERE  for a screen-by-screen guide of how to apply online to Super Saver, starting December 5, 2020.

For details about the UNITEHERE Health Super Saver Plan visit https://www.uhh.org/supersaver

Super Saver Plan FAQ’s

What’s the SuperSaver program?

We’ve won a new healthcare option! It’s called the Super Saver Plan – it’s an optional, temporary plan that helps you keep your Union health insurance for up to 4 more months in a row!  You’ll have the same union health insurance benefits as when you lost coverage (medical, prescription, dental, and/or vision). It does not include life insurance or short-term disability coverage.  You get one chance to select Super Saver coverage, so please ask us if you have any questions.

Who’s eligible?

You’re eligible for Super Saver if you lost coverage between July 1st, 2020 and September 30th, 2021, due to being laid off, a lack of work, or a reduction of hours. That means that most laid-off employees, who have not worked due to the pandemic, will be eligible.

If you are currently still working or still covered by the Union health insurance, you can get Super Saver immediately when you lose coverage in the future.  The Super Saver plan is set to end on October 31, 2020, so keep in mind that if you don’t lose Union health coverage until, for example, August 2021, you won’t be able to get the 4 full months in a row – you can only get Super Saver for a maximum of 3 months (August through October 2021).

What do I do if I already got health coverage through another program, like Medicaid, Medicare, Marketplace insurance/Obamacare, or COBRA?

That will depend on which insurance you registered for! Click HERE to see how to switch to Super Saver, depending on what other kind of health insurance you already have.

How do I enroll?

There are no enrollment forms for Super Saver.  You sign up by simply making a payment based on your plan’s monthly rate.

When can my coverage start under SuperSaver?

If your Union health coverage ended between June 30th and November 30th, 2020 and you want Super Saver coverage, you must buy Super Saver for January 2021.  You must make payment between December 5th and December 20th, 2020.  

If you still have Union health coverage but lose it between December 31st, 2020 and September 30th, 2021, you must buy Super Saver coverage the month after your Union health coverage ends.

If you don’t buy Super Saver coverage during the time that applies to you, the only way that you can get another chance to be on the plan is if 1) you don’t use Super Saver now, 2) you get called back to work and gain coverage, and 3) then lose coverage again.  Only if that happens, then you can have another chance to buy Super Saver.

What about my spouse and kids?

Super Saver will cover the same dependents that your Union health insurance coverage did.  You can only add a new dependent if you have a qualifying event, for example, getting married or having a baby.

How does the plan work? How long does it last?

Once you elect Super Saver, you must use it consecutively for 4 months or fewer, and you can only elect it once. You can’t go on and off Super Saver – once you leave the plan after 4 months or sooner, you can’t go back on it. Then, once you finish your Super Saver coverage, you’ll have the option of electing COBRA for up to 18 more months.

How much does it cost?

  • “Hotel” Plan 114: $80/month
  • “Airport and Restaurant” Plan 115:  $59/month
  • “Casino” Plan 116: $107/month
  • The cost is the same whether you’re an individual or family.

When do I pay?

If you lost your Union health coverage between June 30th and November 30th, 2020, you must pay for January 2021 Super Saver coverage between December 5th – December 20th, 2020.  You should make your payment no later than December 20, 2020 to avoid any administrative issues.

If you lose your Union health coverage between December 31st, 2020 and September 30th, 2021, your Super Saver coverage must be received by 20th of the month that your Super Saver coverage begins. For example, if you lose your Union health coverage on January 31st, you have to make sure your Super Saver coverage payment is received before February 20th, 2021.

How do I pay?

Call Unite Here Health at 855-321-4373 or visit www.UHH.org/SuperSaver. Be ready to give your name, date of birth, and credit card number (Visa/Mastercard/Discover). Once you’ve registered, you will be able to pay online each month with a credit card or set up automatic payments. If you do not have a credit card, you can pay by giving your bank account information to Unite Here Health by phone. Click HERE for a screen-by-screen guide of how to apply online to Super Saver, starting December 5th, 2020.

Once I have SuperSaver, do I need a new insurance card?

No – You’ll use the same insurance card that you have already.