While hospitality workers were on the front lines of the COVID pandemic, the 1% have only gotten richer. Workers across Chicago are organizing and confronting corporate greed. Through our apprenticeship program, you can learn to organize workers to win dignity and respect on the job and in our communities.

UNITE HERE Local 1 members work in hotels, casinos, dining halls, and restaurants. We work for some of the largest and richest companies in the region and the world, including Marriott and Northwestern University. UNITE HERE Local 1 can give you the training to build the kind of collective power that is needed to put decisions back in the hands of workers. This apprenticeship will train you on basic and advanced organizing skills through shadowing and close work with our staff organizers.

Familiarity or experience in the service and hospitality industry is a plus. Contact [email protected] and tell us in 3-5 sentences who you are and why you’re excited to be a part of this movement and join the fight for economic justice.